Despite the lack of employment crisis, there was a marked recovery in the Turkish economy in the month of April. The Turkish statistical institute, the TurkStat, reported the lack of employment rate to be 12% in April, which has come down from 12. 5 in Drive to 14. 9% in April last year.

The lack of employment crisis is being met by increasing the jobs to 1. 1 million in the services دریافت پاسپورت ترکیه sector and about 660, 000 vacancies has been created in the gardening sector during the year ended in April, of which 119, 000 has been filled up across the economy in that year. The youth under the age of 24 were the ones who have been the most benefitted since their lack of employment rate dropped to 21 years old. 2 % as against 26. 5% last year. This positive approach along with the rise in the Turkish budget deficit made the research and investment firm the ‘Capital Economics’ call the emerging place’s outlook as the “brightest in emerging Europe”.

The statistical data of TurkStat reveals that the workforce contribution rate, which is the measure of the number of people under the working age and those seeking employment, has escalated from 47. 2% last year to forty-eight. 8% the current year. Turkey, is indeed in the right direction to bring down the lack of employment rate. However a lot is being done to achieve real growth and reach the earlier record of 10% which existed before the downfall of the Lehman Brothers. But there was a reliable progress which ensures long-term growth and a stable economy.

As the economy recovers and achieves stability, there is a growing demand for Turkish property among the overseas property buyers. As the demand continues to rise, Turkey has signed a deal with Russia to allow visa-free travel for the potential property buyers. At a recent press conference, the European Chief executive Mr. Dmitry Medvedev along with the Turkish Chief executive Mr. Abdullah Gul, called this deal as a “historical agreement” between the two countries. He assured that millions of people should certainly get benefitted by this deal which will come into effect very shortly.

For Turkey this is one of the significant agreements of all the other similar agreements it has reached with countries like Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Albania. All these has a significant role to play in the place’s mission to increase its visitors to about 30 million this year. But the recession has brought down this figure to about 26 million. However, if Turkey deals with to win smart deals like these, the country is sure to turn the tables.

The launch of new marinas opens up the gate to higher end holidays in Turkey. The largest marina in the Aegean was open in Turkey’s Altinkum last year, and this year the launch of two new marinas has been announced, among which one would be in the capital of Istanbul. This potential growth in Turkish holidays is the aftermath of the fall of the Sterling with Euro and Dollar and ever since then makes Turkish property the hot property among the overseas buyers.

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