The pleasure you and your child get from reading together is huge. The time you may spend sitting together reading, talking and joking is precious. It makes a great bond between you and is a great start to boosting your child’s sentiment, social and intellectual development.

Discussing a young family may possibly be a roller coaster but totally rewarding. The thrill of watching your children growing and learning idées de livres à lire more everyday is constant. There is no better time spent with your children than reading books. They love the stories and pick up so many useful learning habits.

There is more and more evidence piling up to show that reading to your children from a young age is extremely beneficial. You are helping their brain to form more and more pathways, which are the basis of the fast track to a good life for them. Here are some top tips to help you make the right choice

Most children’s books will have a suggested age with it. This is meant to guide you as parents to both pick books and also keep an eye on your child’s progress. Remember not to fall into the trap of buying books that are too complicated and puzzle your children. The best plan is start simple and build up from there.

That is a great starting point and sets you off on the right foot. For younger children picture books are always popular leading onto writing and reading books. It is very useful first a series of books so learning commences in a structured way. It is easy to move through the series as each book is completed.

Children want fun and excitement in everything they do including reading. So pick books that look visually interesting as well as having a good story. For babies and toddlers interactive books are an easy starting point. With buttons to press for sounds and fabrics for different textures they delight the growing mind.

Car into adulthood can be stressful with children. With books you just read they are much less so especially when with the comfort of maxi cosi car seats. You need books that are not too heavy for car into adulthood so their arms do not hurt. Add in some colouring books as well for variety. When they have to have a sleep the maxi cosi tobi car seat is comfortable and adjustable.

If you are not fortunate enough to have a vehicle with crease down trays for your children to use, try and buy a portable one. You can get many colouring sets that are fastened over the front seat and unzip to generate a tray to rest on for reading and colouring.

As your child gets older you need to match their reading skills. They will start to really eat books and this is where a series of books is a great help. They love reading stories with characters they know in adventures or scuff marks. When they start to become bored with the series you know it is time to move on to a higher age range.

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