There are hundreds of thousands of men and women doing a search online for bargain airline ticket prices every single day. It is a sad fact though that the vast majority of people have at best, very vague idea of the best places to search for the deepest possible discounts on flight tickets. Many search for hours but finish up no better off than the minute they started! I don’t want that to happen to you so in this short guide I want to give out some of my top tips and strategies for getting the cheapest possible airline ticket prices every time you travel بلیط ترکیه . These are all strategies that use on a once a week basis to save a great deal of money on my flight tickets.

Night Travel arrangements

Would you prefer to travel through the night rather than the day time? I’m guessing that like the vast majority of people you would not. This leaves the airlines with a problem, how are they going to persuade people to take these night travel arrangements? The answer is cheaper airline ticket prices, sometimes much cheaper! Therefore if it is at all possible (night travel arrangements aren’t for everyone) you should seriously consider the night flight option, there are actually some very nice savings to be made when searching for your bargain airline ticket prices!

Single prices

Most people simply look at the rates for a return ticket without thinking of looking at two single tickets instead. Simply because they think return tickets are the cheapest option. However, in most cases this is not true. When looking for the best airline ticket prices, make sure you also look at the price of two singles, maybe with different airline carriers. It is not unusual to make good savings on your airline ticket prices using this strategy.

Package Holidays

If you intend to go away for a vacation then do not discount the traditional all in one package holiday. Not only do you get the convenience of not having to shop around for each separate item of your vacation but, generally, they are the cheaper option anyway. Make sure you still compare each offer you receive with other travel companies before making your decision. Many travel companies will try to better any genuine quotes from their competitors.

Travel Agents

Never exclude visiting your High street Travel agents when looking for the most affordable airline ticket prices. Today, most of us just assume that it is cheaper to look on the world wide web for travel arrangements. Whilst this might are the case for most of the time, it has been known to find some very nice bargains in the High street. Most travel agents realize that to completely overcome the internet they have to come up with some very nice deals keep their customers happy. That makes it always worth a small amount of your time to check them out.


Have you ever heard of a screenscraper? Well, for example it is a form of comparison site that uses software to create prices and other data from many travel sites and provide you with a dysfunction of the cheapest airline ticket prices available to you. All you need to do is enter of your dates, destination and group details and the screenscraper does the rest for you. It is important to remember each screenscraper does not do every travel or airline company so it is a good idea, when looking for the most affordable airline ticket prices, to try at least two screenscrapers to make sure you have a broad range of the best airline ticket prices.

Travel Consolidators

These are a form of flight ticket wholesalers. Travel Consolidators buy up aeroplanes seats in bulk from the airline carriers and sell them wholesale to search agents. However, many do offer them to the general public at huge discounts. Some Consolidators will have a sale of tickets they’ve not been able to clear. Giving you a decent chance of getting dirt cheap airline ticket prices.

Airline employees

Employees of the airline industry and their families enjoy the best seats on the airline and the cheapest airline ticket prices anyone can get. The tricks of the trade and the secrets they know (and which the airline industry do not want you to find out) frequently saves them hundreds of dollars off every flight they take. These are the guys to ask when looking for the best airline ticket prices.

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