Contemporary house plans call for clean, smooth surfaces and an uncluttered appearance. Contemporary style is minimalist in design and features an asymmetrical balance of linear, angular, and geometric themes. The modern look is mobile phone industry’s away from the busy rooms beloved by our forebears; however, contemporary design doesn’t imply cold, sterile and clean rooms people are afraid to live in. Colors should be cool and muted, unlike the clashing and garish patterns of yesterday. Modern color schemes feature lots of whites Miami architects and creams, with deeper shades including browns, taupes, and mauves. But this doesn’t mean that contemporary design is boring: contain a sprinkle of color to white walls with a vibrant painting; or add brightly-colored chairs and sofas to draw a person’s eye. Other color features can come from sheep skin rugs, throws, pillows, and ornaments which add special interest to an otherwise plain-looking room.

The textures in modern home plans are shiny metal, cool tile, and shiny wood. Floors are usually tile, granite, record, or woods with delicate grains such as birch, ash, and maple; with sheep skin rugs used to add both color and warmth to a room. Chrome finish on furniture and lighting fixtures, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, helps to create a modern look. Glass is also used to great effect by many contemporary interior designers. This hard textural feel can be softened by adding other textures such as velvet throws, fake fur pillows, or cotton window treatments which provide an interesting contrast to the look and feel. Wall and furniture surfaces are uncluttered and clear; and a very few well-chosen ornaments or pictures in striking colors can make considerable impact with smooth lines and clean walls of a modern home. Contemporary kitchens use up to date man-made materials such as metal, linoleum, plastic, shaped plywood, and laminates, which are easy to clean, require little maintenance, and can serve to heat up the color scheme and create an inviting kitchen. Modern kitchens use worldwide design principles to create spaces which are flexible, orderly, intuitively easy to use, and which minimize fatigue and prevent accidents.

Contemporary home plans designs do not have a “lived in” look. In fact, sometimes they look more like showpieces than like family homes. Contemporary interior design can present a challenge to the homeowner; but remember that the underlying idea is to be functional. Wooden floors don’t just look pretty – they also are much cleaner than wall-to-wall flooring. Lighting, such as track lighting, is abundant and adjustable and can be designed to create intimate, nook-like areas for privacy or entertaining. And, while all the uncluttered space can be a nightmare when it comes to finding enough storage space for your family’s belongings, under-bed storage, closet planners, stackable storage containers, and other wonders can help create a minimal look while still providing enough storage space.

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